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Seminarium ZBiofKom Seminarium ZBiofKom

Lab Meetings

Lab meetings takes place via MS Teams on Mondays, at 10 o’clock a.m. Those who would like to join are kindly asked to contact prof. Jerzy Dobrucki (

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Our laboratory studies mechanisms of induction and repair of genomes. We use various imaging techniques combined with cell biology, biochemical, and molecular techniques to understand mechanisms of induction of DNA damage, and mechanisms of repair of the genome. These studies into fundamental mechanisms of maintaining genome stability are pertinent to understanding of basic mechanisms of life, and are relevant to medical diagnostics and designing new therapies.

Our research interests include (i) interactions between various chemical compounds (anticancer drugs, toxins and various molecules exhibiting affinity to DNA) and chromatin in live cells, (ii) mechanisms of induction of DNA damage by visible light, drugs, and CRSPR/Cas9, (iii) internal architecture of DNA repair foci, and (iv) dynamics of repair proteins.

We study DNA damage induction and repair using live cell fluorescence imaging, FRAP, FLIM, FCS, BiFC, super-resolution imaging (dSTORM) and several methods optimized in our laboratory (induction of DNA single- or double-strand breaks by visible light or CRISPR/Cas9, detection of individual double- or single-strand breaks by dSTRIDE and sTRIDE methods, and our dedicated software for quantitative analysis of DNA damage).


Cztery zdjęcia mikroskopowe przedstawiające struktury komórkowe