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4D Nucleome: The Cell Nucleus in Space and Time

The conference was focused on the exciting world of structure-function relationships in the cel nucleus. The topics that were discussed embraced the main nuclear functions. DNA replication. Transcription, DNA repair in their spatiotemporal context as well as subnuclear structures and diseases related to nuclear functions. A special emphasis was placed on technical as well as quantitative and computional aspects, by focusing in particular on the advantages and limitations of the various methods proposed  in studies of the cell nucleus.

4D Nucleome conference in Kraków was a continuation of two previous meetings held in Mainz and in Hiroshima.

More information can be found on the official website of the conference:


Plakat konferencji zawierający tytuł konferencji oraz imiona i nazwiska wybranych jej uczestników. W tle znajduje się zdjęcie przedstawiające Kościół Mariacki nocą